HarbourFront Mall


The construction work was to build a Mega Mall, known as HarbourFront Mall, including the HarbourFront station.

Located opposite of Sentosa Island, the HarbourFront Mall would be a three-storey structure with a two-storey basement. When completed, it would be the single largest retail and entertainment complex with a combination of office park, excellent road and MRT access and integrated facilities catering for cruises and cable cars as well as future residential development.

During the initial construction stage, Tsurumi has successfully over 40 units of dewatering pumps for the project. The LSC1.4S was used for residue dewatering, HS2.4S and KTZ-series pumps for drainage, and KRS2-150 for pumping mud and sand.


Portable Residue Dewatering Pumps Model : LSC
LSC1.4S [ 15 units ]
Portable Dewatering Pumps Model : HS
HS2.4S [ 8 units ]
Dewatering Pumps Model : KTZ
KTZ23.7 [ 4 units ]
KTZ45.5 [ 1 unit ]
KTZ47.5 [ 7 units ]
KTZ411 [ 6 units ]
Slurry Pumps Model : KRS
KRS2-150 [ 1 unit ]

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