Tsurumi Submersible Explosion-proof Dewatering Pumps

Nov, 2021

Since its foundation in Japan in 1924, Tsurumi Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the manufacture and sales of various pumps including submersible pumps as key products, environmental devices and related equipment. We will introduce Tsurumi's submersible explosion-proof pumps.

Tsurumi's submersible explosion-proof pumps come in three series of pumps, namely, KRDX-series pumps for slurry, and HSX- and KTX-series pumps for drainage. Intended for explosion-proof applications, these pumps feature an explosion-proof structure that is suitable for drainage/pumping operations in coal mines, oil/gas refineries and similar worksites under an "explosive atmosphere" where dangerous combustible gases or vapors or flammable liquids exist.

KRDX-series pumps are submersible slurry pumps equipped with agitators recognized by both the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx) and Directive 2014/34/EU Equipment and Protective Systems intended for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres (ATEX). With the impeller, suction plate, and agitator made of high-chromium cast iron and the pump casing and motor frame made of ductile cast iron, KRDX-series pumps are excellent in terms of wear resistance, and thus suited for drainage of mud-water, sediment-containing water, and various kinds of liquid slurry. In addition, KRDX-series pumps can be built to specifications of rated voltages of 380 V to 1,000 V.

HSX- and KTX-series pumps (with a motor output of up to 3.7 kW), though not complying with IECEx/ATEX, are general-purpose drainage pumps recognized by the type certification for explosion-proof-structured electric machinery by the Technology Institution of Industrial Safety (TIIS) of Japan. Both single-phase HSX-series and three-phase KTX-series pumps are built to a specification requiring the use of impellers made of extremely wear-resistant high-chromium cast iron for heavy-duty workability.
These explosion-proof pumps, like Tsurumi's other standard-specification submersible ones, are equipped with an anti-wicking cable, a motor protector, and dual inside mechanical seals with silicon carbide faces.

Tsurumi's prime design objective is to ensure continuous duty over a long time on the basis of reliability that promises stable operation even under harsh operating environments as well as outstanding durability and maintainability. With the aim of enhancing the durability and maintainability of our products in the construction and mining markets associated with severe working environments requiring heavy-duty workability of pumps, Tsurumi has acquired technology and know-how through daily experiments and field tests under severe environments.
Making the most of its longstanding experience and know-how, Tsurumi also carries products that withstand particularly severe applications such as drainage of high-temperature liquids and corrosive liquids as well as pumps built to 1000-V-rating specifications. Contact Tsurumi if you are interested.

The OO series is indicated with our series code in this text.

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