High-Volume and High-Head Dewatering Pumps
(Double Suction Impeller)

Discharge Bore(mm) 250 ・ 300
Motor Output(kW) 110 ・ 185

The LH-D-series are submersible pumps with 2-pole 110/185 kW motors, on which a double suction impeller is mounted to deliver assured performance in high volume, high head applications. These pumps were developed based on Tsurumi's LH-series that has built a long-standing name and reputation as a quality line of submersible high head drainage pumps in the mining and construction fields. With a max. capacity of 14 m3/min and max. head of 92 m, the LH10110D and LH12185D meet the needs of open-pit/underground mining, heap leaching and large-scale tunneling work.
The biggest feature of these pumps is that they powerfully draw large volume of water from both upper and lower sides of the double suction impeller. This reduces thrust load, which extends the service-life of bearings and increases the stability of pumping operations. Moreover, in order to stand up to harsh conditions of use, the impeller and suction mouth are made of wear-resistant high-chromium cast iron.

Performance Curves
Model Selection
250 LH10110D 110 Three Star-Delta 20
300 LH12185D 185 Three Star-Delta 20