PLS with Aeration Kit

Submersible Self-Aspirating Jet Aerators

Air-inlet Bore(mm) 25
Motor Output(kW) 0.15 - 0.75

The PLS with aeration kit series is a submersible self-aspirating jet aerators combined a submersible pump with a venturi-jet based diffuser. The liquid flow generated by the submerged pump causes negative pressure to form around the nozzle, whereby drawing in air from above the water's surface. With this jet injector mechanism, the aspirated air mixes with water and is ejected through the diffuser, simultaneously agitating and aerating the ponded water. The mixed air-water is ejected powerfully in one direction, which effectively agitates the water across a wide area. Because the PLS-series uses food-grade liquid paraffin for lubricating oil, this jet aerator is safe and fish-friendly if used for water circulation and aquarium, aquaculture/fish farms.

Air Flow Rate - Water Depth Curves

(The air flow rates are expressed at the standard condition, i.e. temperature of 20℃, 1 atm and may vary by up to approximately 5%)

Model Selection
Water Depth*2
25 50PLS2.15S 0.15 Single Capacitor Run 38(10) 1.2
25 50PLS2.4S 0.4 Single Capacitor Run 24(10) 1.2
25 50PLS2.75S 0.75 Single Capacitor Run 24(10) 1.2

*1 Figure in ( ) shows the solids passage of the pump with a strainer.
*2 Max. water depth is the load limit of the motor. The load placed on the motor increase the deeper the submersible aerator is installed, therefore if the aerator is operated below the max. water depth, the overload will trip the motor protection device and stop the aerator from running continuously.