Multi-Disc Dehydrators

Treating Capacity(kg-DS/h) 12 - 160

The JD-series is an organic sludge dehydrator utilizing the concepts of "gravity-filtration" and "compression". A total of 14 rollers comprising of multi layered discs form the filter of the equipment. Since all the rollers always rotate when it is in service, the flocculated sludge is hard to be plugged-up, therefore, this dehydrator can be used not only for the excess sludge generated from various types of wastewater treatment but also for an oily sludge or DAF froth.

In addition, since the rollers rotate in a very low speed with small-sized motors, the dehydrator saves energy, and also, noise and vibration are minimum.

Model Selection
Width of
Filtering Rollers
JD-500 12 - 40 1.65 500 2207 1035 1827
JD-750 18 - 60 1.85 750 2362 1285 1829
JD-1000 24 - 80 2.6 1000 2341 1535 1829
JD-1500 36 - 120 1.4 1500 2600 2180 2045
JD-2000 48 - 160 1.75 2000 2800 2680 2045

・The treating capacity will vary depending on the characteristics and concentration of the sludge. Typical treating capacity per 1000mm wide filtering roller are 40 kgDS/h for excess sludge, 50 kgDS/h for wastewater and sewage treatment sludge, and 60 kgDS/h for DAF froth and livestock waste sludge. It is recommended to select a model with adequate allowance.

・The motor output means the total motor output of the motors mounted in the unit, but does not cover the motor output of the sludge supply pump, polymeric coagulant mixing equipment, etc.