Solid Matter Clogging Sewage Drainage Pumps in a Residential Area

Hong Kong

In a residential area in a Hong Kong suburb, CZ-series submersible smashing cutter pumps were installed in a small pumping station handling a mixture of toilet drainage, household drainage, and rainwater. The pumping station pumps this effluent to a nearby public sewage treatment plant.
This site was originally provided with two other types of submersible pumps, but toilet paper and wet tissue in the sewage often clogged the pumps and impeded their operation. The customer consulted us regarding the problem of frequent pump stoppage and the need to clear the clogging. Tsurumi's proposed solution was the installation of new CZ-series pumps, a new product featuring an innovative crushing and shredding mechanism.

After trial operation of a single pump eliminated the problem, we installed a second CZ-series pump of this new type.
Smashing cutter pumps are new products that can be deployed in systems handling solid matter to provide trouble-free drainage. If you are experiencing problems with clogging due to solid matter, please consult Tsurumi for a solution.

  • Installation and operation status
    100CZ42.2 (Guide Rail Fitting Device Specifications)


Pumps with Channel Impeller
(Crushing and Shredding Mechanism)
Model : CZ
100CZ42.2 x 2 [ Bore: 100mm, Motor Output: 2.2kW ]

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