Springwater Drainage System for Iron Ore Mine


Tsurumi delivered submersible pumps from its LH-series to an iron ore mine in northern Mongolia. The pumps had to be highly durable to endure the harsh conditions of use of the open pit mining operations, as well as provide the high head pumping required by the site. LH-series pumps are well-suited for high head demand and, as submersible pumps, employ a high-chromium cast iron impeller that is desirably resistant to wear. Because they perform reliably in the types of drainage jobs seen at mines and quarries, the LH-series has sold widely in mining markets around the world and earned the trust of many.


High-Head Dewatering Pumps
(Single Impeller)
Model : LH
LH637 [ Bore: 150mm, Motor Output: 37kW ]
LH8110 [ Bore: 200mm, Motor Output: 110kW ]

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