Amenics is Tsurumi original keyword created from the combination of amenity and ?ics which is an academic and technology postfix.

Amenics comprises four concepts: Base Amenics, which seeks to make people's lives more comfortable; Work Amenics, which seeks to create a comfortable work environment; Water Amenics, which seeks to create opportunities for people to interact with water; and Earth Amenics, which seeks to protect the environment.

With the motto, "Towards a new hi-tech tomorrow", Tsurumi has been piling proud record of technological advances and vast experience in fields beyond the scope of pumps and is now doing its utmost to realize "Amenity-centric engineering for both people and the Earth". As the life on Earth was born from water, so the Tsurumi's technologies were born from the water-related technologies. Working on environmental problem is Tsurumi's mission. Tsurumi is pursuing the well-being of humankind, too. By utilizing state-of-the-art electronic technology and innovative materials, Tsurumi aims at producing widely diversified products that closely fulfill people's needs and desires and are in harmony with the environment.

Character Ameni-kun

The character of a boy, wearing a cape and a hat, is called "Ameni-kun". He is continuing an adventurous journey to make people's lives more comfortable and the Earth more pleasant. And we are also promoting the amenity-centric engineering to contribute to people and the Earth with Ameni-kun.